Just Another Day at the Office


I got back to my desk with a post-it note staring me back in the face. It was barely legible with the chicken scratch all over it but I already knew what it said. I grabbed the notebook and a pen like I was told to do the day before and walked down the hall. I had taken so many notes earlier, I considered grabbing another but I didn’t want to appear like an overachiever at this point in the game.

“Hey! Close the door and have a seat!” The jolly voice said to me. Everything was neat in his office, except for the pile of paper work on his desk. They were all from me the day before though. Classic HR shit. He began to dial the number on the phone written on the screen. The phone rang out, “Enter the meeting Id number.” Mike began scurrying around, “Oh geeze, what was that number?” From the few times I’ve met Mike, he seemed like he would be a good boss, although he did have his John Candy moments.

Beep Boop Boop Beeep BEEEP. “Now entering the meeting, there are currently 12 participants.” Mike got loud, “Who’s on the call?” Various names came across the loudspeaker. “Fantastic! Mike and James are on here too!” Well everyone, I called this meeting to discuss the current issues on project 113457. “It’s about time!” and Angry voice chimed in. “The reactor’s are late, the drawings are FUCKING wrong, and WE WANT ANSWERS!” Mike responded, “I completely understand. This is why I have James with me, so we can both handle this types of questions.” I looked over at Mike and he was drawing random spirals in his notebook. “I’m going to let James take it from here. What did you find out about the Reactors?”

I was in complete disbelief, this was my Third day.

And it was all too clear why I was hired.

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