Nine Little Words


“I have a heart as big as my ass”

A catchy tagline for the only guy who actually reads tinder profiles. Fucking sue me. I want to know what I’m getting myself into. Most guys can’t see past the sweater puppets in mirror selfies to see a picture of the daughter on the swing in the background. Women have many talents, but noticing you notice shit about them, without explanation, is high on the list. I like the comments. I’m always happy when it’s unique and not the played out shit like “If your beard can’t connect, neither can we” or old school “It’s going down, I’m yelling Tinder”. Everyone knows that shit was crafted up by some sharp Lena Dunham type girl and stolen like a Motown hit by the engineered DD’d barbies.

I love wit. In it’s absence I’ll start picking verbal fights with the nearest female specimen that makes me hard. That makes me an ass but it comes with the territory when you have a high IQ. Needless to say, these nine words screamed volumes to me. Sure there’s the surface level qualifications of a huge ass and big heart. Check and check. But dive deeper and you’ll see it crafted with a sassy attitude that says I am, who I am. I may not be the slimmest, I may not always make the best choices, I may have been through some shit in my life that doesn’t always allow the most compassionate aspect of my personally to come through when I need it too, but GOD DAMMIT I’M ENOUGH! I’m the complete package of what a man will ever need. I’m not above you. I’m not below you. There isn’t a measure or scale of comparison for me. I’m a 100 percent authentic, uncensored, unadulterated, raw personality. Can you handle me? Cause I only want the man that can. And lastly if you’re brave enough to dive even deeper, you’ll find she really did undersize her MASSIVE DONK. It’s like two damn beach balls constantly inflating, pushing the elastic capacity by the pump hidden within her cooch. Two gleaming orbs that desperately wanted to escape the suffocation of denim which enslaved them for 20 some years. You can tell they we’re plotting a while to rize up and start the revolution but the left one got cold feet and they’ve said fuck it ever since. Yea, dat kinda Ass.

I swiped up and off went the blue star that hit the top of the screen and spun around like taking the gold at Rainbow Road. The super like to me was the hail marry of internet dating. A friend of mine told me it was a thirsty move. My barista home girl said it was a great ego boost. I could give two fucks at the end of the day, what people thought about it. It gave me a few extra seconds of face time with the type of girl I want. Black hair, brown eyes, sassy, intelligent, with a phat azz. A REAL phat ass. This is something in which I cannot emphasize enough.

A day later I was knee deep in a spreadsheet when I heard my phone buzz. “You have one new Match!” My iPhone was taunting me. “This is Thee one! Those other matches I was just fucking around sending you a bunch of internet cum dumpsters. I’m sorry to do that to you Darby but I needed some extra time while I found THIS FUCKING MATCH! This is the LAST ONE! I PROMISE!” I opened the app and the meaty balloons and hypnotic brown eyes peered back at me. Message me Darby! Use your witty, charming, understanding, down to earth personality that compensates for your lack height and penis girth to say something that will catch my interest. I took a look at her profile once more. She used the word “Uno” so I cleverly came up with something about the card game. Within an instant, the phone rings again. “Katylin has sent you a message!” My iPhone wrote in the pleasing voice. “I told you you dumb fuck. I want to be at the wedding. You owe me more data!” I open it. “Haha that’s hilarious! I miss that game. Talk about throwback.” It says. I was in. Despite instincts, I give it sometime to appear less interested. Need to show her that I have a life that just typing in the internet. Eventually I fire back with another perfectly crafted witty message that opens up the conversation to endless possibilities. Now the waiting game. An hour. A few hours. I go home from work. I write some shitty story. Jack off. Fall asleep. Wake up. Go to work. Repeat it all again. Tuesday comes through, then Wednesday, Thursday, and now today. Still no response.

I fucking hate Tinder.

2 thoughts on “Nine Little Words

  1. I suppose telling her that you jacked off while waiting for her response probably wouldn’t have gone well, but a pile of cum on the floor is essentially what this woman turned out to be. Better luck next time I guess. Maybe I’ll post some pictures of just my huge exotic ass on Tinder just for your viewing pleasure, although all the thirsty jackoffs on Tinder may make my inbox annihilate my phone. Decisions. Decisions..


    • Lol yea I solid ass picture with Tinder vibration notifications on, is a sure way to make others think you’re super important. Too bad the reverse isn’t true for guys. Shit, I’d be leveraging those sounds by telling my boss they’re job offer emails.

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