Main and Lake



Lupo checked his phone. “This is so weird. Matt keeps calling me,” He said. “The Matt that works here?” I asked. Lupo rotated the chicken breast. “Haha nah. He’s a guy I met back at a party. Weird guy.” Lupo responded. “Your fries are burning boss,” I said “But what like dungeons and dragons weird?” I asked.

The swinging doors flew open. “Wooha Here She Comes! Watch out Boys!” John busted in singing. “You fucking Eddy’s got my order yet?” “Almost up there Johnny. Some D and D nerd keeps calling Lupo.” I said. “EDDY! Don’t let Tom see that shit out.” John said. Lupo pulled the chicken off the grill and began slicing it. “I won’t. And he’s not a D and D kid. More of a trench coat type. Like I bummed a cig off of him and we got to talking about music. He seemed alright until I went over to his house to buy weed,” Lupo explained.

“What did he sell you some bunk ass shit, tried to pass it off as catnip?” I said. John jumped in, “I got dis chronic mannn. Only looks like shit at Jo an’s fabric.” We all laughed. “Weed is weed when you’re in a pinch. But he just got all weird about shit. Telling me he didn’t have anyone in his life that cared.” I grabbed the dish and put it in the front window. Lupo continued, “I mean I felt for the guy. No know my story. Both my parents moved back to Texas, so it’s basically just me now. We’ve been friends for a few years.” I interrupted, “So after he spilled his guts out you were like: So can I hit that shit or….”  John grabbed his food and laughed, “Thanks brotha!” “Nah he’s a good dude. I haven’t talked to him in a while though. Just kinda random he’s calling me this much, Out of the blue,” Lupo said.

The ticket machine printed again. “Yo El Lupe can I get a burger on the grill. Half curl and a half straight.” I threw the ticket back at him. The door flew open again. “Lupo, there’s a cop here to see you.” The color changed in his face. “Really? why?” He asked. “I don’t know brotha. He didn’t make it sound like you were in trouble though.” John answered. ”

I walked out front. If I was gonna have to close this bitch down by myself, I wanted a heads up. John walked over and pointed at the T.V., “Dude look at this!” There was a helicopter view showing a car speeding through Downtown. “Turn it up John, I can’t hear.” John grabbed the remote. The Newscaster spoke: “It appears he’s opened fired all over town in a rampage and is now headed towards Main and Lake. Cops have set up a road block. If you near the area please find a safe place to hide. It is a very dangerous area. We’re getting word that the assailant’s name is Matt Haven.”

“Dude that’s crazy around here.” I said. Lupo walked over. “Guys I have to answer some questions. Do you mind closing down the back?”

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