Armageddon 2: 10 Years Later



The Door Slammed.

“AJ is that you?” she asked.

‘Shit,’ he thought. He thought for sure she’d still be asleep. He looked over and saw her bright blues assessing him. “Oh here we go.”


“You know where I’ve been.” AJ answered. He stumbled pass her kicking his boots off. “Did you make it to the store?”

“Don’t you walk past me and try to brush this off! Answer my DAMN question! Where the HELL have you been?” She screamed. She became more furious as she followed him into the kitchen. “Leftovers we’re in the Microwave but it got so Late Harry Jr and I had seconds.” She said.

DUNK! Aj slammed the refrigerator door so hard it open again. DUNK! “Your gonna break it!” Grace said.

“Do you know who you’re talking too? HUH? Do you?” He glared down her irises trying to look right threw her. “I’m Responsible–”

“YEA for saving the World! Yea we all fucking know AJ. Whoopy fucking do! You know my dad was on that Asteroid too! He was the Mother Fucker who pushed the damn button! A feature YOU Were SUPPOSE TO DO! Fucking Chicken SHIT!” She yelled.

“Chicken Shit? Chicken SHIT?” Aj yelled. “Your father forced me into this shit! He just had to do what what soooooo FUCKING righteous! So here we are now. Living Happily ever after. Thanks Harry. Thanks for saving the FUCKING WORLD!” He slammed his hands down on the cutting board.

“I can’t do this anymore Aj! You use to have dreams. You opened up you’re own oil rig. Now what happened to you? All you do is drink down at McAfies and stick your dick in any girl who hasn’t heard the space Cowboy story. I’m done. I wish you would’ve died in the Freedom crash!”

Grace stared at the knife in the cutting board. It seemed too easy. Aj was drunk. He wouldn’t see it coming. Her hand sprang into action. The cold steel never felt so good. Just as she raised it up high, she heard a faint voice.

“Mom?? Dad? What’s going on?” Harry Jr said. She put the knife down on cutting board. “Nothing Harry. Come on you got to get back to sleep.” Grace grabbed his hand and walked down the hall. A look of discus glued to her face.

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