You Should Message me If…. Pt. 1


Part 2

You’ve ever jumped head first into ice cold water on a dare. But not just any dare. A legit game of high stakes Truth or Dare, that for some reason the unthinkable happened. Both your ex and your new boyfriend, Jared with the great jawline and weird twitch you’ve asked about but received no explanation, decided to show up to this party.

Oh all parties, it had to be Homecoming. You don’t want throw a match between the two and light up a fight. But you’ll be GOD DAMN if your gonna lose this break up. Not before the Crowning at least. So you say ‘Dare’ with a wiff of ‘I still miss you’. Which leads you to now, showing that you still got it. That you’re not afraid of a little water. Sooo aren’t afraid to jump into the same lake that everyone knows Steve shit in back in 6th Grade. Why he did it? Even a mystery to him. But the point is, he fired off a steaming pile of brown goop and a handful of student council members witnessed it’s glory. Many people wait for fame, Steve went after his. You even heard that the ten year olds next to him didn’t even flinch. Kids are gross.

So yea, that’s why.

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