Slamming your Dick in a Desk Door: Free Writing Pt.2


As I was crossing 9th street my ass vibrated.

The email read: “I need calculation done ASAP!”

Well that’s going to be tough. My hour train ride was 15 minutes away. At best, I’ll be there at 9. Screw it. I am in no hurry. I’ve decided already that I’m busting out of this joint. Not just the job but the entire State. I’m ready to roll.

This weekend I started getting my ducks in a row. Nothing crazy, just some small planning on the financial back end. The plan is simple. Keep pushing the momentum forward until about March. That’s when the Hammer drops. That’s when things will get serious.

I’ve done a bunch of these moves before. None of it is really novel or rocket science. Step one, find a job. Step two, find a place. Step three, pack your shit and go. Everyone seems to think it’s much harder, shit even me. But in reality, that’s all it takes.

Honestly, I hadn’t meant for this to be a free write but that’s the way it goes. You can’t plan your thoughts. I have a couple pretty funny ideas that I’ll work on later when I’m finally done with house arrest at work. Until then.


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