Still Fool


Mary turned the corner of 12 and main sharply like she always did. Bonk! She looked back in the rear view and saw rubbing his head.

“Window caught you again huh. I’m sorry but you know that how I wake you up on long car rides.” She said.

Sly rubbed his 12 year old head, checking for the pain spots.

“He smiled awkwardly yea I know mom,” he answered.

The Lincoln roared as it pasted Houston street. Although the backfire problems had been fixed, the hole in the muffler had not, which made Mary wonder how Sly could sleep in the back.

Mary started, “Yea, how do you get any-”

She stopped herself as she was looking through the mirror. Typical. So typical. That boy is already back asleep. Looks like I’ll just wake him up when we get to the driveway.

The Lincoln squealed to stop at the red light at Kilgore. This light took forever. She could remember once how it skipped her several runs. When she finally got the nerve to run it, there was a black and white waiting at the Dunkin’ Doughnuts. Entrapment if you ask her. Just then something caught her attention.


The sound pierced over the muffler and the popping of the smoke from the back of the tail pipe. Her eyes flailed around looking for the source. Not the Camry behind them, or the F150 in the left turning lane. She looked ahead and could see a tall man’s hand moving about.


There stood a tall man caring a Panasonic, the newest boom box to come out this summer, on his shoulders. She could see his right arm are bulging, while the left was keeping the flow.

“Well this some bull shit music,” Mary thought. “Who is his mother? Where do you even find this music?”

The light finally turned green and she hit the gas on the old Lincoln. The Music got louder and louder, to the point where you could even hear it over the leak with the engine at full boar. She had to do something. so she slammed on the breaks. Donk!

“EXCUSE ME!” She yelled.

He turned the music down. “Yea can help you?” The tall man answered back.

“What the hell are you listening too? Talking about killings and STEALING!” she asked.

The tall man laughed a bit and grabbed his gold chain for good luck. “That’s the new Geto Boys. It’s fucking awesome!”

“Watch you’re mouth! Man I’m glad my son doesn’t listen to this stuff,” she said. Pleased with herself.

The tall man turned his head and noticed Sly rubbing his head. He smirked.
“Shit you mean Sly? Haha. He’s the one that dubbed the tape for me.”

Sly’s eyes got big. He’d wished he was still asleep.



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